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We differentiate ourselves in the Travel Business marketplace

Travsolve has a team of professionals,from Travel industry & senior Trainers, who possess complimentary core disciplines that help form a cohesive full-service consulting firm specializing in travel domain.We provide complete 360 degree solutions for your business -Travel services/Training Solutions & Technology Consultancy..

Businesses nowadays are realising the transformative power of going online.They want to automotive as many processes as possible. The way people work together has changed rapidly, TRAVSOLVE is a Travel Technology consultancy which provides the expertise to help your operations go online successfully. During the transformation process, we will help you to create the correct mindset,processes,reports thereby leading to higher adoption rate. By doing this, we will look at making your business, customer-obsessed – making you completely focus on customer behaviour. We will help make you become experts in using online tools, reports and analytic tools to focus on the revenue,predict how your consumers are behaving and how to best approach them. Also re-developing your businesses model leading to savings and increased productivity.

Our experience will enable you to make informed decisions and give you the solutions you are looking for.Our core principle is to achieve your target within your budget and to help you make the most of what you currently have.We believe that planning is key, however, without Transformation, Action and Engagement, it will remain just an idea.

Seema Gupta,| MBA -IIMC|IATA qualified
Instructor|Head-T&D|Head-Implementation|Over 20 years
experience in Travel

It’s wonderful to meet you! I am Seema Gupta,the Founder and Principal Consultant at TRAVSOLVE, an organization dedicated to providing innovative technology consultation|progressive & practical Training solutions, travel related guidance and support to businesses. The Travsolve expert team is comprised of some pretty awesome individuals. Whether you need help with day-to-day , or a project, we can help. We’d love to hear from you to learn about you and your organization!

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Seema diverse professional background includes serving in operational leadership roles in various capacities. Over the past 20 years she has had the privilege of working with International giants,in the Travel/ Technology & education and non-profit sectors.

She is an expert facilitator and trainer who is known for providing relevant and engaging content that participants connect easily with; allowing them to walk away with actionable goals and strategies for improving their organizations, as well as defining their own path and designing their future personal and professional success. She is a life coach who has deeply touched & shaped life of numerous youngsters turning them into successful professionals.

Besides English & Hindi, Seema as also learnt German language which helps her in dealing with foreigners.She has earned her MBA from IIM-C apart from numerous certifications in Travel domain.

Seema professional ethos is grounded on her personal interest in exploring diversity through travel, and the study of different cultures and languages. She has sought to find common ground and knowledge from the different people she has had the privilege of interacting with both personally and professionally.As Head -Training & Development for Carlson Wagonlit,Seema has conceptualised, designed & successfully delivered programs -Ops Management/ Sales Trainee program/Offsites/ Team Building/Customer Service Excellence and others.

She then headed Kuoni Academy for entire northern India.

Not just content with her achievements, she forged into technology in 2012,when Indian Travel fraternity was not too open to tech adoption.She had an extremely rewarding career with Kuoni & Zillious.Having in-depth knowledge and expertise in all aspects of Travel,Seema has now founded TRAVSOLVE with an aim to provide consultation to all in the Travel Industry- Technology/ Training/ Implementation and Travel services.

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Actually What We Do

Our Main Services

We are experts in this industry with over 100 years experience. What that means is you are going to get
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WHY partner with Travsolve

With the growing number of complex Booking/CRM/Reporting /Payment systems being available,the decision to decide which one to adopt has also become equally complex.While the benefits of embracing technology in business are well-known, there is still a large proportion of businesses lagging behind the times.The adoption of a new enterprise technology can feel like a herculean task.

Lee Penson, Founder ,Penson

" Technology Can Unlock Potential, Give You Freedom, Make You Fly. "

We understand your challenges with regard to best Technology for Your organisation

A large percentage of companies – particularly small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – don’t engage with tech at all.Since their exposure to tech is limited,It is difficult for them to determine which technologies will improve and add real value to their internal operations.The range of innovative products on offer can be intimidating too.And for those organisations considering upgrading, the price of both implementing tech and then training staff to use it correctly can be tough to justify. Other reason companies are slow to adopt new technologies might be -

  • Difficulty in translating Business requirements into Profitable Products and Solutions.
  • High Cost in initial stages without generating enough Business Value.
  • Missing Business Opportunities because of Project delays.
  • Insufficient alignment with Corporate Strategy.
  • Challenges to Operational adoption.
  • Because they have been ripped off so many times in the past.

TRAVSOLVE offers a portfolio of consulting services for technology best suited to Travel Hospitality industry.

  • Why invest in Travel Technology

    If a business invests well, even in basic technology to begin with, it can instantly boost staff motivation as well as the appeal of the company to prospective customers and employees alike.The supposedly high costs and risks of tech adoption are easily balanced out by quick wins. There is absolutely no point in taking the plunge and not taking full advantage of the tech at your fingertips.Travsolve will help you stay focused and committed to Technology you adopt.

  • Technology acceptance model

    With the growing need to implement Technology within the organizations, there also exists a need to understand these systems, their adoption and post adoption behavior.Subsequently we created the technology acceptance model to include all these aspects, leading to less friction In the post-adoptive environment.

    A company might arguably lose ground by waiting to adopt technology, but a slightly cautious approach reduces the risk until it becomes more acceptable. The trick is not to be left too far behind.